Niece o niece

3 year old she is. I call her ‘piddi'(hindi for’ tiny’. One day intending to know whether or not she knew her age, I asked her, “how many years old are you?” In reply she told me that she was 2 years old. I corrected her that it was 3. Then came the real thing. She said she was 2 “ears” old because she had 2 ears. Now you can’t even spell the 2 words for them to learn!! I will better wait for an year, or ear is it?!

Aesthetic treat

On the day I and my mom returned to Banswara (a small place in Rajasthan state of India), the weather was scorching and there was no sign of respite. How much I missed my home! The day went past cleaning and dusting. The next morning when i cracked my eyes open, there was a familiar scent wafting in the air. One could be rebuked for not recognising it. The scent was of soil freshly dampened by the heaven’s showers. The ckoo ckoo of koel was too good to hear. The crisp dry air the day before had turned into moist cool breeze. You will agree that it feels rejuvenating to welcome the monsoons after a long spell of 10 months. It’s like benefiting from meditation without doing the deed. The evening sky had a mango hue. You read it right. Everything was literally painted in yellowish orange by the creator. After my consistent pulling, my mom joined me in soaking in the weather’s goodness. Then it started raining again. A little frog seemed happy to join us in our balcony. The night was spent without ac or cooler. I just enjoyed the pristine cool natural breeze dazing at the moonlit sky.